Nurturing Young Minds

Nurturing Young Minds

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Congrats AAP

Sorry to be late in joining you all in the wake of the Delhi phenomenon due to lack of Net connectivity at my place in Ranchi for the last two days. It is time time one should not remain silent. I have been unable to blog owing to my serious engagements. Apologies please.

Friends may recall my August 2012 Article in the Times of India editorial page when Arvind and Anna were on fast. The article was titled 'Revolution without Ideas' by the TOI editorial team though I had from my side titled it 'The Hunger of Hazare'. They had changed the title without my consent as I had intimated then on these Facebook pages. I had advised the IAC to understand the futility of repeated fasts and tho come up with a more variegated strategy. Anna has till date has not heeded the advice, while Arvind and company redesigned their strategy which has paid the dividends. Then Anna deserted Arvind and company on the ground that they were taking to politics (to which he had objections). In my book Sampoorn Kranti Ki Bhumika (in HIndi) which I finished finally on 31st December 2012 and is still under process of publication, I wrote on this episode and considered it extremely unfortunate that people like Anna were so wary of politics in spite of calling themselves followers of Gandhi who was all along in politics. If people like Arvind who were educationally well qualified ans so passionate about change were not allowed to enter politics, it in effect meant that the filed of politics was going to be left open to criminal and mafia elements or to corrupt parties like the BJP, Congress, BSP, Samajwadi parrty etc. . The Anna-type world-view for the country is extremely flawed today. Anna should come forward even now and start actively supporting all such efforts that seek to bring change through healthy politics in the country because no other way is going to work.
I was hoping for any praying for a full majority for the AAP but it did not happen. I hope it happens in future. 

I, however, wish to add a word of caution again as I did last time in August 2012. I have been busy day and night with certain projects and could not find time to pen another article. Therefore I would take the opportunity to pen a few thoughts here.

IAC and then AAP too have been essentially on a demolition mission. They are doing it very effectively, and I hope they will do it further. But the principles of demolition and the principles of reconstruction are not the same. They need different skill-sets and and different competencies. A preparation must begin to understand and imbibe those principles. I am sure this will be done. 

This is a very vast nation of 1.2 billion people; it has a great civilisational past and a bottomless history. Its DNA is widely different from other civilizations. People like Sanjib Sablok who are trying to raise another party do not understand this DNA, though they have been working on the theoretical paradigm of reconstruction aspects. Yet their passion for change too needs to be respected.

The import of what I have said briefly will perhaps be understood better by all when the euphoria subsides.

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